Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Do Marriage Workshops Actually Save Your Marriage?

Many couples seeking to resolve problems or simply to improve their marriages choose to participate in a marriage workshop, but can these programs actually save a struggling marriage? Many studies have been conducted to determine the long-term outcomes of marriage workshops.

What Do Workshops Teach?

Many workshops focus on effective communication. Some couples struggle because their arguments quickly escalate into full-blown fights or because they allow irritations to fester silently. A marriage workshop may train couples to:

• Listen closely
• Repeat what they think they heard
• Argue in a fair way
• Respond with empathy
• Express affection even when upset
• Take breaks to cool down
• Recognize a partner’s bid to deescalate a conflict

Marriage Workshop Outcomes

Experts suggest that a marriage workshop is akin to a driver’s education course. Although most of us have seen a marriage or two in action, we don’t have any real training in making one work. A workshop can impart the skills necessary to navigate the road of a relationship more successfully. After participating in a marriage workshop:

• Many couples exhibit more positive communication patterns.
• Participants may disagree more constructively without damaging the relationship.
• Partners report greater emotional and physical intimacy.
• The divorce rate for participants is often lower than that of the general population.

Marriage workshops can teach couples to communicate more effectively and to maintain their bond through a conflict. Visit this website to contact a Spousal Support Lawyer in Pacific Grove and learn more about marriage workshops.

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